In my spare time I enjoy to work with all kinds of computers, servers being one of them. I found myself joining the Oceanius community around 2003, this community has a lot of like-minded people. I started providing my home server to Oceanius, and in return I received experience and knowledge. (Sounds like a sweet deal, right ?)

Most of these servers are running linux or some form of bsd (freebsd, mac os x). Over the years I’ve gained a lot of experience dealing with users, script kiddies, fellow staff members and communication as a whole, its not just a tech-related hobby, its also social in contrary to what most people would think.

In the past i’ve provided support for or owned the following boxes:

  • (TinySofa used to rule!) – used for shell hosting
  • – died from overheating the cpu, used for shell hosting and webhosting
  • – mac mini’s rule ;), holds some of our old shell users, provides webhosting and a mud
  • – vps, currently mostly sitting around, sometimes hosting a game of teeworlds
  • – vps from the community, mainly operated by me and alex, runs our first european ircd
  • – ircd, currently our most popular node
  • – Buildbot, source hosting, Privoxy, Darknet services

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