Most of the times when I write software, I write for others or contribute to open source software. Below you will find some of the quick goodies I’ve written.


Platform for linguistical operations like analytics, text processing, building dictionaries. Inspired by NLTK and Natural Node, I decided to write my own library in haxe so I could better understand linguistics and work woth a platform that I can compile into other programming languages. Supporting English, German and Dutch as a first class citizen, and added Frisian as a second class citizen to the project. To my knowledge this is the only Frisian linguistic platform.

haxe-linguistics on github

Combustd for Ambx

I have been looking at an Ambx starter set since it first made an appearance at a consumer electronics show. A few weeks ago I found out that instead of the introduction price of a few hundred euros I could get my hand on a set for 25 euro. Sadly Philips only provides Windows drivers, so I started to look around for some documentation. After finding some stuff in python, I figured it wouldn’t be much of a problem implementing something myself in ruby with ruby-usb. Combustd was born out of the idea to make the set accessable from javascript, in order to supplement the digital albums from Apple’s iTunes LP format. Becoming a daemon process that is accessable over tcp and udp makes combustd a really usable project for different idea’s.

combustd, a cross-platform toolkit for ambx and compatible devices

HTTPD Communicator for Roomware Project

Roomware Project, an opensource framework for interactive spaces. Based on the httpxml webserver provided with the project, I made a webserver that could server more filetypes and formats. You can poll the service now for JSON, XML and CSV and the server could easily be extended to incorporate other HTTP based protocols.
View the announcement on google groups, or download it from the group’s download section.


A small plugin I wrote for wordpress, to facilitate the oceanius network map. The plugin allows configuration thru xml in the wordpress backend, this allows you to draw lines between points. The background image provided is a worldmap, but you can use a floorplan or other image you want. You can change the points as well. The plugin itself is hosted by wordpress, and can be found there, together with all instructions.

Lollify your server

In 2007 a new internet phenonomon appeared, Lolcode. Most people know the images of cats with funny misspelled captions. In some twisted way it formed a simple programming language. Because I couldn’t find a lolcode parser for Apache’s HTTPD, I took an existing php lolcode parser and wrapped it inside the filter system. A full documentation is included, allowing you to write .lol files in just a few simple steps.
Download as .zip


My hosting provider provides me with some sql dumps and file backups every night, in order to leech them automatically to my home so I have easy access to all files locally on my development server and always have the most recent backup at hand, I wrote this little commandline php application which accepts some parameters so you can run it with Launchd or Cron.
Download as .zip or as .tgz

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