People create apache modules for nearly everything, ranging from fun to just clever ideas and specialised needs. Below I have compiled a very short list of most fun modules I could find.

A while ago I discovered mod_maybe, a module that mimicks the behaviour of Microsoft’s IIS webserver namely dropping connections and refusing to work at random.

As the author quite nicely puts it:
From a business point of view you need some clues, often, to demonstrate that a system is not reliable or it does not work properly. In these cases mod_maybe is what you are looking for. Since is not reliable by design, you can demonstrate pretty often how you server (running this module obviously), does not respond as Apache should.

Started out as a joke but having made it into several presentations given by the author, mod_pony creates a nice sample module for whenever you need to use a “dummy” module. You could ofcourse use it for plain simple fun.

The tagline of this module quite sums it up Apache module for sadists. Mod_miserable is a module that inflicts misery upon a set range of visitors. Misery includes random showing of error messages, never sending back a response or triggering the all feared Internal Server Error. You could use this module quite similar to mod_maybe.

Lolcode output filters
While technically not being a module, this list can’t be complete without my lolcode filters for Apache. It’s a small set of filters running against tetraboy’s php parser.

So, whether you are a systems administrator with too much time on your hands, have a legitimate reason to use these modules or are just bored to death on a rainy day, you know what to do now. If you do find a legitimate reason for mod_pony, don’t hesitate to fill out my contact form at the bottom of this page to let me know.

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