As part of the Oceanius open source community, fellow european admin D. Ebdrup and I decided to go look for an european host to expand our USA based IRC network to a local node. The founder of Oceanius requested some recommendations by an acquintance, shortly afterwards he had a small list of suggestions, of which one located in Germany. Fliehe & Schwab quickly replied us with an interesting quote, great specifications for a small price.

Our current setup:

  • Xen based vps
  • 256mb ram (dedicated)
  • 500gb monthly traffic
  • 2 ip addresses
  • Linux OS of choice
  • unmanaged

Fliehe & Schwab can create a custom offer to match your needs, just contact them through their website. Try asking them for a quote, you won’t be let down.

We have been using this vServer for just over 6 months now, and only had two minor issues. These issues made a small glitch in our uptime, but support always looks into them quickly and thoroughly. Support is often handled by the owners themselves (Marc Fliehe & Manuel Schwab), or otherwise by someone qualified from their support staff. Because I had some troubles getting bandwidth monitoring up and running, I asked the support desk if they had any suggestions for alternative software to the one I was used to. Just as I suspected, I have gotten a very professional and detailed list of applications, linked to some online resources to read on the matter.

In my opinion Fliehe & Schwab are worth a try if you are looking for a virtual private server in Europe, be sure to mention Oceanius when contacting them.
Any questions about performance or other information you seek may be directed at myself or Alex on our irc channel.


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