This book guides you to everything you will need to know to installing, maintaining and getting the best out of Lighttpd (or “Lighty” if you will). This piece of software is named correctly for its purpose, being a lightweight webserver. There are chapters about building Lighttpd, but even more interesting the book goes in depth about optimizing and securing the software.

When reading the book, my attention was drawn to chapter 10 which focusses on a migration path from Apache HTTPD to Lighttpd. Having ran through this in the past I really wish I had the chapters about virtual hosting with mysql at hand when migrating from Apache. Although I would recommend skipping to chapter 10, if you come from Apache, right after you installed and configured the basic server you should really not miss out on the parts about privacy and user tracking as well as optimizing and securing.

I found the chapters about installing webapplications into Lighttpd not very useful for me, but it contains a lot of configuration examples which you should check out if you want to install WordPress, Trac, AWStats or any of the other mentioned packages. When you look at the last few chapters behind this, you get all information you need to start writing your own Lighttpd modules and integrating Lua for even more extending on your part.

This book seems to contain every interesting part of Lighttpd which is usually scattered around the wiki, forums, blogs. This makes it probably the only manual you will ever need to get started with or getting the most out of your current Lighttpd installation The expertise of the writer comes in handy throughout the whole book and contains very good information in the notes and information blocks found on most pages. It’s not just a manual, it’s your map for navigating around Lighttpd’s world.

Lighttpd – Installing, compiling, configuring, optimizing and securing this lightning-fast web server.
Written by: Andre Bogus
Published by: Packt publishing
Language: English
Book: Paperback of 236 pages
Release date: October 2008
ISBN: 1847192106
ISBN 13: 978-1-847192-10-3

Lighttpd book

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